Cybersecurity copywriting

Convey critical messages with sound cybersecurity content.


Reduce complexity, boost credibility

Cybersecurity has never been more important than it is today.

Businesses are coming under siege as threat actors continue to enhance the frequency and sophistication of their attacks, yet many firms fail to recognise the importance of protecting themselves properly. All too often, the awareness isn’t there. 

For cybersecurity providers, that presents a major opportunity. However, cybersecurity marketing can easily fall into the trap of being overly complicated, failing to speak to those that need critical solutions most. Firms are simply baffled niche acronyms and unfamiliar terminology, and so fail to comprehend the urgency.

Working with a cybersecurity copywriter can help to bridge this gap, engaging organisations and invoking action while turning prospects into customers. What makes your solution unique? We take the time to deep dive into your products and services to find out what differentiates you, conveying those key messages in a clear, concise and human manner.

The right products and services can save companies their reputation as well as money. They are business critical. With a cybersecurity copywriter, you can communicate that imperative effectively and efficiently, successfully securing more business.

Whether you’re looking to convince a key decision maker, or simply inform a broader audience about emerging trends, we can help you to achieve your goals.

Specialist areas


Security technology
Zero trust
Internet of things
Cloud security
Network security
Managed services

Cybersecurity copywriting services

WD Editorial offers a variety of cybersecurity copywriting services. Working with companies of all shapes and sizes across the industry, from leading global brands to start-ups and entrepreneurs, we have extensive experience in powering multi-layered marketing strategies underpinned by compelling content that tells your story, engages your audience and leaves a lasting impression.

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Award entries

Showcase success stories effectively and achieve industry-wide recognition.

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Engage in important discussions, climb search rankings, connect with customers and attract prospects.

ghost writing


Refine brand image, increase traffic, engage audiences and improve conversions.

Report Writing

Annual reports. Sustainability reports. ESG reports. Whatever your needs, we’re here to help.


Optimise your content and attract more leads with a freelance SEO writer.

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Thought leadership

Showcase knowledge, boost credibility, build trust, engage audiences and enhance brand reputation.

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Website copy

Refine brand image, increase traffic, engage audiences and improve conversions.

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White papers

Improve brand authority, generate leads and guide prospects down the marketing funnel.

What our clients say

WD Editorial provides freelance copywriting services which cover both one-off and ongoing copywriting requirements. No matter the assignment, we strive to produce quality B2B content that represents an efficient, effective solution for our clients.
lisa eaton
Hands down the best copywriters we’ve worked with for understanding the brief and quality.

Lisa Eaton
Managing Director
Unwritten Group
andrew woods
Prompt delivery of clean, crisp copy, along with great communication skills… I can’t recommend them enough.

Andrew Woods
Editorial Director
B2e Media
energy industries council
WD Editorial exceeded our high expectations. The quality of the writing is excellent, copy was provided on time and overall, we found them to be excellent value for money.
Mark Risley
Former Head of Marketing & Communications
Energy Industries Council
michael kahn
Working with them has been a pleasure. They are flexible, quick to respond, creative and very easy to work with. I’d recommend them without hesitation.
Michael Kahn
Director of Resources & Development
Rostrum Agency
paula averley
We appreciate that you respond in a timely manner, provide good value for money, and never complicate a job. You’re making our lives much easier!
Paula Averley
Origin Communications

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