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Enhance your email marketing campaign with an experienced freelance email writer.

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Why use a freelance email writer?

Email strategies can be make or break for marketing campaigns.

Get them right, and you’ll convert prospects into loyal customers. Get them wrong and you’ll spam, irritate and disengage your subscribers and create a poor impression of your brand.

By working with a dedicated freelance email writer, you can make the best use of this cost-effective and extremely rewarding marketing channel. With the right strategy and right words, you can connect with your leads, nurture your prospects, generate sales and enhance brand loyalty.

Personalisation, logical follows ups, good timing – these things are, of course. important. However, it is equally critical to nail the basics of email writing in order to ensure that you’re engaging and persuading every time you hit send.

Don’t leave things to chance. By embracing email copywriting services, you can develop campaigns that are truly effective in capturing the attention of your target audience.

How to create an effective email marketing campaign

With modern email marketing underpinned by data-driven insights, automation and sophisticated technologies, it can be easy to assume these are enough to tick the email marketing competency box. However, getting the basics right is also vital.

A strong email marketing strategy will allow you to reach and connect with your target audience on a personal level. To resonate, you need to do more than send an email at the right time. Equally, you need to craft compelling, easy to read copy that truly speaks to your subscribers.
It might sound obvious or simple, but engaging copy is often overlooked in favour of the many email metrics that can be analysed today.

This underpins our approach in providing email copywriting services. Readability is key – without that, messages will fall flat, and email marketing campaigns will always be limited.

Email marketing campaigns that we have created

WD Editorial continues to provide email copywriting services to companies and brands operating across a vast array of sectors. These include:
Travel & hospitality

What our clients say

WD Editorial provides freelance copywriting services which cover both one-off and ongoing copywriting requirements. No matter the assignment, we strive to produce quality B2B content that represents an efficient, effective solution for our clients.
lisa eaton
Hands down the best copywriters we’ve worked with for understanding the brief and quality.

Lisa Eaton
Managing Director
Unwritten Group
andrew woods
Prompt delivery of clean, crisp copy, along with great communication skills… I can’t recommend them enough.

Andrew Woods
Editorial Director
B2e Media
energy industries council
WD Editorial exceeded our high expectations. The quality of the writing is excellent, copy was provided on time and overall, we found them to be excellent value for money.
Mark Risley
Former Head of Marketing & Communications
Energy Industries Council
michael kahn
Working with them has been a pleasure. They are flexible, quick to respond, creative and very easy to work with. I’d recommend them without hesitation.
Michael Kahn
Director of Resources & Development
Rostrum Agency
paula averley
We appreciate that you respond in a timely manner, provide good value for money, and never complicate a job. You’re making our lives much easier!
Paula Averley
Origin Communications

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