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The marketing power of press releases

Press releases remain a pivotal pillar in successful marketing strategies, supporting many B2B companies in conveying their messages to their industry audience.

With the right press release strategy that strikes the optimal balance between quantity and quality of output, this critical marketing tool remains a sure-fire way to boost visibility, drive awareness, enhance traffic, entice prospects and increase sales.

Critical media and public relations professionals, who act as a vital gateway between organisations and their target audiences, continually look to press releases to find interesting industry news to share. Resultantly, they are a fantastic way to garner attention, make news and generate positive publicity, enabling brands to build credibility over time.

Working with a dedicated press release writer, you can share key developments, innovations and achievements with industry colleagues, media and customers alike in a clear and concise manner, effectively building your brand narrative.

What makes a good press release?

Press releases must capture attention. Typically, they land in congested inboxes or on saturated aggregator platforms, making it a difficult task to ensure that one press release cuts above the rest. To stand out from the crowd, companies must be different and have something genuinely interesting to say.

Working with a press release writer, you can ensure your releases speak to their target audience in a clear and concise manner while emphasising those critical aspects of information that are newsworthy.

It’s not just a case of grabbing attention in the first instance. Equally, press releases must be well written, informative and engaging throughout. With a freelance press release writer you can convey your critical messages in a clear and decisive manner.

As former editors at B2B industry publications, we’ve been on the receiving end of tens of thousands of news releases. We know what works, what doesn’t, and ultimately what the person on the other end of the story is looking for.
Work with us to elevate your press release marketing strategy.

Press releases that we have produced

We’ve produced press releases for both B2B and B2C players covering a range of topics. From small startups showcasing disruptive industry innovations to large corporations employing high profile executives, we can adapt out tone and approach to suit your bespoke needs.

Some of the markets we typically cover include:

Facilities Management
Hospitality & travel
Supply chain & logistics
And more…

What our clients say

WD Editorial provides freelance copywriting services which cover both one-off and ongoing copywriting requirements. No matter the assignment, we strive to produce quality B2B content that represents an efficient, effective solution for our clients.
lisa eaton
Hands down the best copywriters we’ve worked with for understanding the brief and quality.

Lisa Eaton
Managing Director
Unwritten Group
andrew woods
Prompt delivery of clean, crisp copy, along with great communication skills… I can’t recommend them enough.

Andrew Woods
Editorial Director
B2e Media
energy industries council
WD Editorial exceeded our high expectations. The quality of the writing is excellent, copy was provided on time and overall, we found them to be excellent value for money.
Mark Risley
Former Head of Marketing & Communications
Energy Industries Council
michael kahn
Working with them has been a pleasure. They are flexible, quick to respond, creative and very easy to work with. I’d recommend them without hesitation.
Michael Kahn
Director of Resources & Development
Rostrum Agency
paula averley
We appreciate that you respond in a timely manner, provide good value for money, and never complicate a job. You’re making our lives much easier!
Paula Averley
Origin Communications

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