Why choose us?

WD Editorial provides copywriting services to marketing agencies, businesses and publishers. By producing reliable, quality written B2B content quickly and efficiently, we make your life easier.

What makes us different

Our freelance copywriting proposition is built around five core components that enable us to support our clients and meet their varied B2B content needs.
Proven track record
We have more than a decade of B2B writing and publishing experience, responsible for the output of several trade publications before applying our expertise to the freelance copywriting world.
Two brains are better than one
WD Editorial operates in the sweet spot between an individual freelancer and a small agency, providing a cost-effective, fast and adaptable service while maintaining a keen eye for detail.
Simple but expert
Our approach to producing copy is simple. We master the basics of good quality writing to help our clients cut through the noise – something we feel is all too often neglected.
A wide variety of written content

From blogs and news to thought leadership bylines and in-depth reports and white papers, we cover the full range of written B2B content. Discover more about our services.

A broad range of subject matter

Whether it’s the latest technology and cybersecurity trends, best practice in facilities management or many other nuanced sector-specific subjects in between, we have experience covering an array of industries. Discover more about our sectors.

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Who we work with

WD Editorial provides freelance copywriting services to three major groups.

For marketing and PR agencies, we:

For brands and businesses, we:

For publishers, we:

What you can expect

Our aim is to work as a seamless extension of your writing team, providing quality written B2B content that aligns with your content strategy, deadlines and budgets. We are…
We answer enquiries quickly, clearly and concisely.
Different audiences, different tones of voice, different styles – we can deliver content tailored to yours and your client’s needs.
Managing expectations is critical. We only take on what we can deliver, and we only begin delivering when briefs and expectations are clear.
Curious and creative
We get to know our clients, their objectives and the needs of their clients. This helps us to unearth stories and create content angles.
We are happy to accommodate different working processes to ensure collaborations run smoothly.
Willing to go the extra mile
Using our editorial instincts, we often make suggestions to improve briefs and help extract the most out of content creation opportunities.

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